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Daniel McConville


McConville Risk Solutions


I’m a sole trader who runs a consulting business, so I wasn’t sure if business coaching was for me, I thought it might have been only for the businesses at the top end of town! However, after only a short time working with Nicholas, I found him to be an incredible mentor, able to relate to my business needs. He really challenged me to look at my entire business, rather than the obvious parts. He challenged my thinking, my beliefs and my ideas, then he would add his own touch the discussion. The example that springs to mind is don’t always ask why something didn’t work, ask why it did work, look at what you did right, not always at what you can improve on. The How and Why as he often referred to it.

The action plans he provided were concise and easy to read and understand, not written in another language, and at the start of every session we would recap to see what was completed and if there were any issues.

This was a very positive experience and I can’t speak more highly of Nicholas. I am so appreciative of the feedback, advice, suggestions and guidance he provided and feel now that I have a good handle on how to move my business forward.

I couldn’t recommend Nicholas more highly to anyone looking for a business coach, regardless of the industry or the size of your business.

Reggina Lysaught
Vee Agency

Nicholas has been an amazing mentor to me during some of the most challenging and difficult times of my business career. His positivity, insight, leadership skills, wealth of experience all helped me to navigate the obstacles of a start-up and move into a growth phase. He gave me the confidence and support to move beyond just me doing everything into now having a team of 3 and ensuring my business in events survived Covid and all of the hurdles it threw to my industry. I couldn't recommend Nicholas enough and I am so grateful to have his experience, suggestions and feedback as a vital part of my business.

Kelly Michelakis

The Hellenic Odyssey


Business coach testimonials

As a small business owner I have worked with many mentors, but none with the level of expertise of Nicholas.

Nicholas is attentive, thorough, supportive, informative and extremely knowledgeable in many areas of business. Nicholas will provide you with a realistic framework and will give you anticipated outcomes and goals with step by step action items. I always felt supported throughout all the mentoring with Nicholas and I also felt each session was so well utilised with either a variety of dot points talked about or a focus on a particular project; whichever I needed at the time.

I highly recommend utilising Nicholas in your business as a mentor or coach, as my experience with him was truly outstanding.

Porzia Garcia
Owner and Director
Immaculate Events

Working with Nicholas provided me with the opportunity to undertake a holistic review of my business. He was able to assist me with assessing the range of services that I offer, then to streamline and enhance them. Nicholas also provided ideas to develop services that led to the creation of new income streams.

My sessions with Nicholas helped me to feel more confident in my abilities to deliver premium services at an appropriate price. It was fantastic to have Nicholas to keep me accountable with tasks to move my business forward, rather than procrastinating and sitting stagnant. Nicholas’ insight into the various areas of my sector was also very valuable and relatable. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nicholas as a mentor and coach.

Jack Geddes and Steph Wearne
Linked – Training and Nutrition

Working with Nick has been extremely productive and informative for us as co-owners of a small business. Working in the business everyday can consume a lot of the energy we would like to be putting in to working on more external aspects of the business. Sometimes our minds are just so fogged from the day to day tasks it’s hard to get the clarity and motivation to take a step back and work on other aspects of the business such as financials, marketing and business planning.

Having Nick come in and help us work on those areas has made us more accountable and by breaking it all down into smaller tasks, we are now much more productive. Nick has also guided us to modify processes within the business so that everything is more streamline and efficient, meaning we can step away from the business if needed and we can be confident things will still continue to run smoothly. We highly recommend Nick to anyone looking to build a sustainable business model.

Helen Fogarty
Co – Founder and Director

Nick's strong facilitation skills kept us true to our vision and opened up discussions that were integral in ensuring our partnership and business model could be successful financially and personally both now AND into the future. He helped us strengthen our business model through challenging our perceived market needs, our capabilities and putting in the foundation to absorb risk and from which to grow. He asked the difficult questions that made us think! 

He isn't about all talk and planning either, he is about implementation, taking some risk, learning and improving. Everyone needs someone like Nick to hold you accountable to that fundamental boring stuff that actually enables you reap the rewards of the exciting product development stuff. He has helped us make our idea a commercial and successful possibility...and he's a nice guy! Thanks Nick!

Nicholas Karavias
General Manager
Tramonto Kitchen & Bar

I have had the pleasure with working with Nicholas for over 4 years, throughout this time I have seen one constant truth come through and that’s his unwavering desire to see people succeed. Nicholas has had an extensive career within the hospitality industry and he is constantly wanting and willing to teach anyone who’s path has come before him. His passion, drive, determination, patients and above all his work ethics inspires those around him.

My first week working for Nicholas I came in an eager kid looking to further develop my skills in the hospitality industry and one day fulfil my dream of operating my own business. Nicholas gravitated to the challenge. He teaches in a way that not only do you learn the HOW, but you learn most importantly the WHY. “that’s great the day was busy but why, what made this day busy” taking on this philosophy opened my mind up and gave me such a greater understanding of managing a business.

Throughout my years with Nicholas I was taught many things, from managing staff, managing events, dealing with clients, understanding patterns in business, keeping up with trends and new market desires and most importantly in any business the financials. This is the area a lot of people including myself have trouble understanding, especially when you’re running your own business it is hard to look at things objectively. This is where Nicholas comes in and gives you an objective perspective. With his in-depth knowledge in financials and operations, he teaches you how to make decisions while marrying the two facets together, making sure EVERY decision you make is calculated and properly executed for successful results.

In 4 short years I accomplished my dream of owning and operating my very own business in the heart of the Yarra Valley, competing day to day with institutions who have been here for years. From the age of 22 when I started working with Nicholas to now 26. To have learnt and accomplished what I have from where I was, is a true reflection on Nicholas and his immense understanding with the operation and management of businesses, along with his passion for teaching. Never a dull moment along the way and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Nicholas as a business coach and continue to seek out his advice to this day.

Hong (Brian) 

Little Pixel Box


It was great that VIC gov offered this program to sole traders like myself to communicate, bounce off ideas and to learn from seasoned professionals like Nicholas Kalogeropoulos. The main purpose was to encourage small business owners to be resilient during the challengers of COVID19 and its impact on our economy.

Together, we mapped out a number of action plans for the next 3-6months. Nicholas was excellent in offering practical solutions in tackling immediate needs of my business; planning activities that involved more research and development over the next 6 months; and on a personal note, I felt Nicholas genuinely cared for my future success and I felt supported.

Lisa Price

I started working with Nicholas during the year we would all like to forget 2020. It was pretty bleak and not a great time to be launching my start-up!

 What I found working with Nicholas that within minutes of talking with him he absolutely was crystal clear on what my business was and what I was trying to achieve. Even more so than I was. He was able to clearly identify and articulate ideas to stimulate my thought process and achievable actions that were not overwhelming yet added real value to the work I was producing and the outcomes I was looking for.

 Discussions were outcome focussed based on Nicholas’ extensive industry experience and his savvy business brain and helped me identify opportunities I could not see myself. After three coaching sessions I had a clear plan of operations, marketing and finance which helped me make some great decisions for my business.

 Nicholas also connected me to business opportunities which have been very beneficial in positioning my start-up in the industry. Overall, this was a very positive experience where I felt challenged yet supported and that Nicholas had a genuine interest in seeing me and my business do well. I would highly recommend working with Nicholas as I will continue to do as my business grows.

Dhyana Botanica

Nicholas was really lovely and fun to work with. My small hobby business imported herbal products from Java and was badly impacted by Covid. Nicholas helped me analyse whether it was worth pursuing given the extent of restructuring required and the effort it would take to make the products locally in Melbourne. 

He shared lots of his knowledge and experiences with me, drew my attention to some of the realities of upscaling the business and put me in touch with people who thoroughly understood the industry I was operating in. The experience allowed me to assess the situation accurately and make some difficult but very necessary decisions about the future of the business. I am really happy that I had the chance to work with Nicholas - his positive mindset and friendliness lifted my spirits while we were working through the issues. 

I feel confident that we made the right decision and am glad we did the additional research and business analysis before I pursued it any further. It was clear that Nicholas was genuinely interested in understanding my situation and wanted to achieve the best possible outcome for me. I highly recommend speaking with Nicholas before embarking on new business ventures. 

Pierre Noel

The Pan Project


Thank you Nicholas for your time, knowledge and insight.

The sessions have been very valuable for me as a sole trader.

I was able to gain a constructive perspective of my business and Nicholas gave me the opportunity to not only think about today, but also tomorrow.

We touched on a variety of subjects relating to the building and development of the business, it was very enlightening.
I now have a broader understanding of the business world and its  “do’s” and  “dont’s”.

From content on a website, to quote via email, I was able to gain constructive information and tools to work with.

I am very grateful I was given the opportunity to access this information.

And I am also grateful it was delivered the way it was.
Thank you Nicholas.

Susie Roberts
Access An Angel
Personal Concierge Service
Melbourne, Australia

Access An Angel

As a business partnership just staring out my business partner and myself found Nicholas to be informative, easy to understand and we were able to learn a great deal from him.

Nicholas is very good at teaching and guiding the beginner business professional. We were able to launch our business more easily and with his step by step guidance it all seemed a lot less scary!!

We found the more we worked with Nicholas the more our business grew and flourished. From the basic running of a business to his outstanding marketing strategies, he really knows stuff.

Nicholas has extensive experience running multiple businesses and he is able to bring this experience to his consulting. Whether you are just starting out in a new business or you’ve been in business for a while and just need some guidance, Nicholas is able to help.

He is very approachable, easy to talk to and always able to make time for you.

Nicholas helps you set goals and leads you in the right direction.

He encourages you and teaches you in a very nurturing way.

I would recommend Nicholas as a business coach to anyone looking to improve their business.

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